My name is Abby …

I just turned 49. Which means I’m almost 50!

For the next year, I plan to embrace this upcoming milestone.

To some people, reaching 50 brings a state of happiness and content. Everything is where they hoped it would be.

For others, there’s a fear of uncertainty, especially after the candles are blown and cake is served.

As for me, I’m somewhere in that in-between, both literally - as Oxford describes me in the midst of middle age (45-65) - and figuratively, as I’m both excited and unsure on so many different fronts.

I’m doing my best to fend off the wrinkles, the weight gain, and challenging that meh attitude when dealing with the OOTD.

With that, I’m also in love with the empty-nest freedom, a whole re-discovery of self, and continuing the learning from my 40s into my 50s.

What’s next? I intend to chronicle this year as best as possible. Along the way, I hope you find a post, photo or feeling that you can relate to, as you venture into your own journey.

You’ll also meet some amazing women along the way, on the same path, who will inspire and uplift you in our Muse series.

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